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Bad Kat Beacon 2005
The first race in the Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross (MAC) series will take place on 9-11-10 with Nittany Lion Cross. Five years to the date that I bought my first USA Cycling License, so will begin my sixth season of racing cyclocross. I'll toe the line with fellow C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes teammates to start an exciting 2010 season. With a US Cyclocross Worlds date on the books we stand at the edge of a precipice.

Bad Andy Charm City 2005
I flash back to my first cross race and second bike race ever; Charm City Cyclocross 2005, Druid Hill Park, Baltimore Maryland. That first year I was on the receiving end of some serious ass kicking. Tipping the scales 30 lbs over weight, no race experience, lacking technical skills and fitness, I found myself lapped nearly every race and DFL on occasion. I persevered. Something was driving me. The love of cyclocross. The cheers of friends. I think back to the person I was and wonder if the person I am now would stick it out. Absolutely.

Bad Kat Charm City 2009
To date cycling has brought me one of my proudest achievements. Those skinny jeans I've been toting around for a couple years, yeah they're too BIG. Now don't take this the wrong way, it's not about losing weight or dieting. It's about living a healthy active life, but a smile crosses my face every time I think about the day those jeans went into the goodwill bag.

I often wonder if there is a cyclocross plateau to reach. Every year I'm confronted with the possibility that there isn't. Cyclocross from me is like life; a continual growth. There is always something to practice, learn, or experience.

Bad Andy Nittany Lion 2009
The 2010 Cyclocross season will greet BA and I with another jam packed schedule. Will we top 22 races this year? Perhaps, but more importantly, will the challenges of the race teach us more about ourselves. Absolutely.

This season's goals; race hard, celebrate victories, overcome defeats and have some fun adventures along the way.

Get out and run over some barriers.

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