009 Perfect Ten

Bad Kat C3CX
This weekend C3-Athletes Serving Athletes teammates and friends met up at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore Maryland to put on a little double up race know as Charm City Cyclocross, MAC races #2 and #3. Into the night numbers where stapled and prizes were sorted with care. We arose at o'dark-thirty to set-up, stake and tape a new course. We took our positions as the sun rose and the masses of racers began to arrive. I'm proud to be part of this team, this race, this community.

At one point I saw a racer from the bike community filling in a course marshal spot. No they hadn't volunteered before hand, but wanted to lend a hand.

Saturday's slightly more technical course was brand spanking new. The C3 courses always have a little bit of everything; turns, berms, hills, pink stairs, three dismounts, and a sand pit. The 3/4 women took off with 40 some at the start. I had a good start, but felt like the entire first lap was a battle for position. Finally settling in a little I carved through the course letting it rip where I was confident and pushing through the straights. I lost a place on the line, my sprint wasn't there this weekend.

Monkey C3CX
 I'm so glad this chick is back on the race course. Are we going to continue our pre-race sexy jean lap when it's muddy?

 Sunday's course was back to the traditional with some tweaks. Again the 3/4 women took off with around 40 at the start. I pushed the first lap trying to make up for a rider that made me brake check at the first corner turn transition from pavement to grass. Riding steady and railing the sand I was tired and not riding all that smart. The suffer fest on the pink stairs was made up for in the turns, swoops and dips in the next section.

We raced our hearts out running on empty. For my efforts I received 10th place both days in the 3/4 women's field. Two perfect tens. As a young gymnast I strived for a ten. Now I channel my gymnastic vault background every time I leap on that railroad tie at the Wippermann wip around tree. My best results yet at Charm City Cyclocross.

Bad Andy C3CX

Bad Andy had a rock 'n ride to 7th in Saturday's elite men's field. I didn't see the entire race but in the last half he just started moving on up. He's raking up those UCI points. Yeah he was also number 7 and got 7th last weekend at Nittany. Weird.

The fun continues this weekend at Whirly Bird, 9-26-10 MAC Race #4.

If you haven't heard this is one tough cookie! Hope the bums better.

Rock C3CX

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