010 Ebb and Flow

This past weekend BA and I headed due east to the Whirly Bird Cyclocross Race put on by Guys Bicycles Racing, MAC series race #4. This was a new race for both of us. In previous years this was a PACX series race that we never raced. This year as MAC Race #4 we were excited to check out a new course and venue. The course was located on the Bryn Athyn college campus. Indoor bathrooms and changing areas were a plus. We met up with fellow hardcore MAC racing C3-Athletes Serving Athletes Teammates. The unfortunate MABRA / MAC series same day double up made for a team split and only one day of racing in the Mid Atlantic region.

Bad Kat Whirly Bird
I look ready to steamroll.
We took the day off from racing as a blessing in disguise. We had a much needed house cleaning and hair cut date. Yeah, hair cut dates are awesome, I know what your thinking old married couple right, but between work, training and racing time is precious, and now we don't look quite as scruffy.

The course ebbed and flowed, I was looking for total flow. It was fast, but then it was slow. I dug it, parts of it, most of it, something was off.  I had a decent result, 8th in the 3/4 women's field with 40 plus at the start, but I didn't I ride the way I know I can. I didn't have the punch, the explosion out of the corners, the confidence, I used my brakes on the downhill, I was off. I raced hard. I had fun. 

Bad Andy Whirly Bird
BA's ready to prance

I had a pretty impressive save into the barriers near the finish on the first lap. I was standing on the left pedal ready to dismount when my foot slipped off. I was still holding onto the bike. One hand on the handle bars and the other of the top tube as I was drug on my knees across the grass. The bike was still rolling upright. I managed to find my feet before the barrier and ran over like nothing happened. Someone it the crowd said it was a nice save. If you have to biff the least you can do is impress a spectator with the save.

Bad Andy had a nice ride to 4th in the Elite Men's field. I don't need to tell you it's hard racing "pro's" when you stand all week teaching youngsters and the day before the race you were cleaning the bathroom instead of resting the legs, but BA and Witwer (who took 3rd of Team ALAN) rocked it.

Elite Mens Podium Whirly Bird
Bad Kat Photo

I'm hoping this past weekend was an ebb race and I'll find my flow in the coming races. This weekend BA and I head down to MABRA Race #2 supporting breast cancer awareness and then over to Jersey for The Hillbilly Hustle v.5. We missed the Hustle last year and are excited for v.5. If you haven't done the hustle yet this is the year to check it out. Seriously there's nothing more rad than a dirt pile. The Hustle is grass roots racing at its best.

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