008 The Lion Crater

Bad Andy Nittany Lion
Remember how to dive into every corner, remember how to suffer, remember how to run, remember how to sprint, remember how to race cyclocross, remember 9 years ago. This year the first race of the Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross calendar landed on 9-11-10, every September 11th I take a moment to remember. 

Bad Kat Crater Cross
It was a beautiful fall Thursday morning the sky was brilliant blue filled with puffy white clouds. I was a college student sitting in a 9am world history class when the professor was called out of the room. We were studying the middle east, the professor lived in Turkey for a time. He came back in the room, "We are under attack, the US is under attack". Dumbfounded I returned to my dorm room to watch, with my roommates, as the towers fell. 
Nittany Lion Cyclocross took place on the grounds of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown Pa. I heart this venue. Indoor bathrooms, showers, changing area, concession stand, track racing, warm up park all in one place. You can't help but feel the energy of a place where Olympians and professional cyclists train. The course is a roadie / power / traditional cross course. It rocked, as soon as you were thinking is this power section over yet, there would be a turn or swoop or root. I took 4th in the 3/4 women's field, best MAC result yet.

Bad Kat Nittany Lion
C3-Athletes Serving Athletes had a great turnout. We greeted old friends as we swooped nervously through the dusty corners remembering what cross is all about. The newbie's experienced what we had been talking about all year, and the veterans were all back for more. We won some, we lost some, we represented.

Concrete Crater Cross a PACX Series Race on Sunday 9-12-10 was at the same venue as the day before. The course was run backwards from Nittany Lion. The root section was a little tougher slightly uphill, but the overnight and morning rain made for superb traction. I found out the knobs near your tire side wall can really save your ass. Around lap 4 of the 6 lap race I had a moment of clarity that only pure suffering can bring. As I rolled over the mulch pile and dove into the corners leading up to the roots I thought to myself, race like it's the last race of the season, no regrets, and I dug a little deeper.
BA and I had a great first weekend. As I sit here typing my legs are screaming at me, I'm still sneezing out lion dust and every single muscle is a little sore, but I'm still smiling.

Charm City Cyclocross next weekend baby! MAC races #2 and #3. See you there. 

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