004 5 a.m.

I've been getting up and running at 5 a.m. Not crazy early for a person like me who has be at work by 7 a.m., but still, pretty early. I've never really incorporated a morning workout into my training plan, you know 7 a.m. is early to start work. I can't complain though, 3:30 p.m. is a pretty sweet quitting time.

I started a little running in July when the bike was feeling like an old friend that out stayed their welcome (this is just an expression, friends have never out stayed). Summer evening running always started and ended with a side stitch and a sloshy belly. No good. I toughed it out a couple of times, but mostly these runs would just turn into long walks.

I can only dream of looking this fast.
Then I had an epiphany. If I run in the morning before eating maybe I won't have a sloshy belly and eventual side stitch. I drug my ass out of bed at 5 a.m. and threw on a headlamp. Off I went around the neighborhood. I ran for a solid mile and a half. Success.

I'm hooked. I went into work feeling awake, but with a general feeling of calm. Ready to take on the day.

I've worked up to running three days this week, but will probably just stick with two, Tuesday and Thursday morning runs. I'm still doing my evening bike workouts. The thing I'm most proud of is I'm able to run for a solid 30 minutes and around 3 miles. Yeah!

I'm drawn to the peaceful darkness of 5 a.m. and the quiet medatative suffering that running yields. But don't worry folks, the bikes not going anywhere.

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