001 Blargh, oh excuse me.

Blargh. Firsts are always difficult; first step, first word, first kiss, first race, first blog. There's tons of nervous anxiety and when it's over you say, "hey that wasn't so bad".

I might have mumble, "Blogs are silly." well here it is. No reason. I've become a bit addicted to the blog-o-sphere. Actually I'll concur my first confession. I'm an artist who is struggling with the daily 9 ta 5 grind in a not so creative job. That's life right, and that life is good. Can't complain, but here's my outlet.

Art is life. Art is everywhere. Art is connection. Art is therapy.

It's not all about art, probably not about art at all. It's about adventures, biking, racing, cooking and good times. With a smattering of randomness.

Welcome to the Bad Kat Confessions.

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