034 Orange Iced Tea

I went through a stage around age 13 where I drank a lot of Turkey Hill orange iced tea and accompanied it with a lot of wheat thins. I didn't grow up as an endurance athlete. I still enjoy a tea every now and then. All in moderation.

The Turkey Hill Country Classic was on Saturday. I wrote up a race report over on my team CAWES blog. Read about it here.  A podium at any race is always special, but a podium at this silly bike race super special to me.

I hope to have enough upgrade points by the end of this road season to move up to a Category 2. I hope Turkey Hill will have a race for me to do when / if that happens. Outside of training races I don't race with the dudes. Just not my style. But it's no big deal if I don't do this race again, there are plenty of other womens races to chose from. A girl can dream, that's all.

Got a full day of daydreaming work in yesterday. The thunder storms parted and the sky cleared. Got outside and busted out some intervals on the bike. Made egg salad and sweet potato fries for dinner. Fell asleep at 9pm.

I think the Poolesville Road Race is calling my name on Saturday. I didn't pre register, they closed it a week early. If not Poolesville I'll be at the Smoketown criterium on Saturday. So many choices.

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