029 Single, Single, Double

Double unders don't own me anymore. Last night it just clicked, single, single, double, single, single, double. I'm actually doing them I thought, in the middle of a workout on a Tuesday night they just happened. For awhile I was the girl that just did the 3:1 single ratio. For every prescribed double under I did three singles. I thought it was just a skill that wouldn't be mastered. No that's silly to just stop working on a skill. So I studied a bit, but that still didn't help. So I started counting my attempts during workouts, no more singles. And then on a Tuesday night during a 12 minute AMRAP of 15 double unders, 12 handstand pushups, 9 hang cleans the double unders just happened. Single, Single, Double. Double unders don't own me anymore. Next up Double, Double, Double...

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