028 Sleeping Weather

I used the weekend to take advantage of the excellent sleeping weather. I got in a solid 12+ on Saturday night; low humidity, slight breeze, warm but not hot. I went to bed early with the windows open and ceiling fan on, and I didn't wake up until the sun was shining and birds were chirping. BA like most folks thought it excellent riding weather and ventured out for a long one. Not me I slept. I raced on Saturday and when the thought of riding on a sunny Sunday didn't get a smile on my face I knew I needed to listen. We've all had those days, so I listen to myself and got the weeks chores done. You know the drill;  laundry, mowing, yard work, dishes, grocery store etc. The feeling that I am ahead of the weeks "stuff" takes such a burden off my shoulders, now I'm pumped to ride my bike and throw weights around. I'm calling it a successful recovery block.

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