014 Reality

The reality is it has been a tough week. The mid season tiredness has crept into my legs and soul. A co-worker has been let go due to lack of work. Lay-offs are looming large above all our heads. This lay-off has created more work for me. I'm really not sure if it's good or bad, but I just keep showing up and collecting a pay check. I hope with all my heart this lay-off goes better than the last one.

The USGP in Kentucky last weekend was okay. Perhaps I was expecting more, but the venue and course did not seem ready for a world championship event. The week has cost us two broken shifters, a gore cable, a sliced tubular, and a lot of sleep. On the bright side Bad Andy got caught in this pretty sweet photo.

I'll stop bringing you down. I'm looking for the bright side. Negative energy out and positive energy in. I'm excited to race my bike this weekend. Mac Races #7 and #8 Beacon and Highland Park.

Have you seen the time traveler caught talking on a cell phone in this clip. Kinda funny.

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