012 Yesterdays Skinsuit

Bad Kat Friday
Searching for more gears.

This past weekend BA and I headed west to the triple up cyclocross race known as the Cincinnati UCI 3. We met up with fellow C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes teammates and friends to concur the Ohio Valley CX Scene. It was hot and dusty. Not your typical cross race weather. I brought the camera, it never left the car.

Friday's race course greeted us with some challenges. Loads of climbing. It was definitely one of the toughest cross courses I've done. I've never wished so badly that my 38 lil chain ring was a 36. The 42 saw no action except for the start. Monkey and I found each other on the last lap. I yelled to her as she passed. "I hate this course with every fiber in my being" she started laughing and said "I think I'm gonna puke". It was awesome to have a teammate to share that moment with. We finished together, still in the top ten. No disrespect to Friday's course designers, just not my cup of tea. That one hurt, but everyone is still talking about it. Shout out to DeeDee who took 3rd in the elite women's race way to crush it.

Bad Kat Saturday
What a difference a day makes.

 Fueled up on Thai food and donuts we set out for Saturday's race. The race course is in a smallish park in the middle of a neighborhood. I wish my neighborhood had a cross race, jealous. The course was wicked fast, loads of turns, ups and downs. I breathed a sigh along with most of the team. I loved every single moment, so much so, instead of warming up on the trainer I just road the course. Sometimes the first race is nice. 6th B women. BA had a solid ride to 14th again.

On Sunday as we set up camp at the venue, and I started looking over the clothes I had left. I really wanted to wear a skinsuit. They make me feel fast. It was dirty. I only wore it for an hour yesterday I thought giving it a sniff, not to bad. Maybe my stink would deter someone from riding my wheel the entire race. Monkey and I both agreed we would wear yesterday's skinsuit. Sometimes at a bike race you just gotta do what you gotta do and not think twice about it.

Bad Andy Saturday
Lucky 13

My legs hurt, but I sucked it up and rode the uphill sand because I knew it would be badass. BA went crazy. It made me smile. Hey, I passed three people running. The last lap I again rode the sand. Probably a mistake, I made it through but totally felt it and suffered through the last lap. Didn't have a good finish. Oh your passing me on the finish straight by all means please go ahead. Not good. 8th B women. Sorry Ohio I dropped the F-bomb (at the railroad tie mulch thing) and the S-bomb (weird uphill tree turn) during this race, I sometimes get a potty mouth during racing, not at racers but at obstacles (trees, roots, rocks, etc.) they don't have feelings.

BA rocked it to 13th like his number. UCI points for the Class I race. He road the uphill sand a couple laps to pass people, but not every lap. On the laps he wanted to rest he ran. He's smart.

Fat Marc and Monkey as always great hotel roomy's. LVG always crushing it with a pair of seconds, nice. C3-Athletes Serving Athletes, what a great weekend in Cincy, Outhio. Granogue this weekend, MAC races #5 and #6. Find me selling t-shirts to chat or buy one. All the cool kids are wearing them.

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